Raising the Medical Problems faced by Jagadhri Workshop Railway Staff

URMU is has reported the matter of the medical difficulties faced by current and retired railwaymen at the Jagadhri Workshop. About 40,000 member are employed at the workshop who depend on the Railway Hospital – JUDW for their treatment, medication and hospitalisation. The availability of only tow doctors on roll at the hospital has become a burden on the hospital and a major health problem for the railwaymen.

We were unable to determine the actual sanctioned strength for the Railway Hospital – JUDW, however we request immediate action to remove the disparity between the doctors and medical staff and the patients.

In the meanwhile, we also urge the Railway Board to provide II A or 3AC medical passes for the patients being referred to the Central Hospital, New Delhi as the medical procedure and ‘to and fro’ journeys are causing considerable financial and mental strain for our railwaymen. Moreover, we also wish to point out that there are no suitable trains from Jagadhri Workshop to New Delhi, so we recommend that the medical passes be issued from JUDW to New Delhi via UMB.

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