The URMU Women Wing was created I 2014. It is headed by Mrs. Sunita Dhiman. The Women Wing is constantly working for empowerment of the female members of the Northern Railways Staff.

As a part of URMU, the following functions are performed by the Women Wing and its presiding officers.

  • Regular meetings of office bearers at the Baroda House for discussing matters of bureaucratic and organizational importance.
  • Redressal of complaints received from the ladies staff of URMU and Northern Railways through ADRM and DRM offices.
  • Meeting with presiding body of Indian Railways for resolution / notification of issues faced by women in the organization.
  • Organizing events and connecting with the members of the staff to establish effective communication within the organization.
  • Mobilizing human resources for elections, rallies and other social and political gatherings.

As a part of International Transport Works Federation (ITF), the Women Wing holds training workshops on ending violence against women at home and at workplace. The women advocacy development program highlights several key points about violence against women, such as:

  • Impact of household violence on a female worker’s professional performance.
  • The need for social connect for women isolated / depressed by household violence.
  • The importance of financial independence for women facing violence and abuse from spouse or family members, and the need of strong policies at union level for women empowerment.